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Well, it seems that I have no eulogy, so here's a little limerick to go on my grave!

Poor little Hyacinth,
Here she lies,
Leprechauns killed her,
With explosive pies.

Alright, so it doesn't make any sense, but it's not supposed to. It's a limerick. Don't think you can get something meaningful out of a limerick, because you can't!!

Lets see here... reading update...

Currently reading: Tristram Shandy, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Original Grimm Fairy Tales.

Work update...

Character design for Vic is done. Character profiles done. Cover letter done. Issue summary done. Working on... five pages of complete panel-to-panel work & character design for everyone else. God, I am so slow...

School work update...

Sophomore research paper just assigned. Bleh.

Anything else?


~Hyacinth Black
Where the **** am I anyways?:
hell if I know!
How do I feel?:
treble clef
My musical selection for today:
Dust in the Wind
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November the 30th is today, and that means it is the day Oscar Wilde died.


He is my favorite writer. Undeniably.


Say I died recently, and you just found out today. Because you were so terribly close to me, or something, you have been elected to deliver my eulogy. What do you say? (also, how the hell did I die?) The eulogy can be as serious or silly as you want it to be.

Then post this to your journal and I will do the same for you.

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Gots this from shoyesainomiko!

Say I died recently, and you just found out today. Because you were so terribly close to me, or something, you have been elected to deliver my eulogy. What do you say? (also, how the hell did I die?) The eulogy can be as serious or silly as you want it to be.

Then post this to your journal and I will do the same for you.


In other news:

I'm researching Oscar Wilde for my Sophomore Research Paper! ( I was reading The Ballad of Reading Gaol last night... oh wow... that is such a sad sad piece of literature... cried my eyes out! And to think that the Brits did this to him just because he had an affair with a man...) The kid sitting next to me smells like cigarettes. And pot. I hate Weston. This is the one town in ALL OF AMERICA with the highest useage of marijuana. I don't smoke anything. I don't drink either. I can't. I'm alcohol intolerant...

But I do enjoy a dash of Bailey's in a glass of milk every now and then! YUM!!!

Finished character designs for a comic I am hoping to submit to Slave Labor Graphics... *hopeful*... maybe I scan them and posty post, yes? That is... when I get the chance...

~Hyacinth OUT

Afternote: I really need to change my avatar... I'm getting sick of it. Anybody got suggestions of what I should change it to??? I'm so incredibly stuck on what to change it to...
Where the **** am I anyways?:
six feet under & quite enjoying it
How do I feel?:
Wilde & Crazy!
My musical selection for today:
the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
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I'm currently reading that book, & I have to say that it's awesome! Of course, pretty much anything by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is awesome.

Also reading: A Clockwork Orange, Myra Breckenridge, The Life and Times of Tristram Shandy Gentleman, & Coraline.

All very good books.

Yes indeeeeeeed.

Just got the Sophomore Research Paper assignment. I fear that it will drain me stamina, me beauty (oh haw haw haw), and me social life. I can smell the doomage. It's kinda like vinegar, and I don't know why.

So long,


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Ah, yes... so I was thinking about things in general & I realised that I hadn't posted here in a while. So here I am!

I know you all missed me terribly.

Anywh00. I was thinking... does anybody remember that old Comedy Central show called That's My Bush? It only ran for about 8 episodes before it was taken off due to 9/11. I loved it so much... it was basically a parody of our president & of sitcoms in general.

Not much to say today, really. Hmm... I do like grilled cheese & bagels.

I've got enough spare fabric around the house to start doing some serious fashion damage... man I'm excited. My only problem is that I don't know where to start.

New smiley! Meet Mister Pervert >;}

Isn't he nasty?

Auf Wiedersehn

~Hyacinth Black
Where the **** am I anyways?:
Stuck in traffic on the highway to hell...
How do I feel?:
My musical selection for today:
The steady pulsating of echidna organs
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I really don't know what I'm doing right now...

Actually, that was a lie. HAH!

Now for a brief summary of my Halloween!

Day began when I dressed up like Devi (sprayed my hair black n everything!)then got in the car to go to school. Moi father drove moi to schoooooooooOol & thus and so the day began. I suck at summarizing shhtuff.fffffffff.

So then at school, mostly nothing but classes, blahhhh bllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Then, TADA! I gets a lime green bracelet for being in costume! YAY!

After school I have to go to psychiatrist to switch antidepressants (I'm on Cymbalta now... so far it's smoothed out my little 'mood bumps' but it do give me headaches & mah sleepin is all funny like...) & get more doses of ADHD meds (ADERALL!).

Hokay, then I went home, did some touchups on the hair, then went to friend Harumi's house for trick/treatin'. Then from her house we went to friend Sakura's house. And from there we all assembled. Moi, Haru, Saku, & Liz. Here's our costumes...

Moi: Devi... I think I mighta mentioned it before... wh00tever...
Haru: Nny! I came up with the idea for us to be JTHM characters.
Saku: A witch! I tortured her & called her Serenity for the rest of the night.
Liz: Not really a costume... mostly a Cthulu hat & a Cthulu shirt. I LOVED that hat!

And then we were off! Graceful like pudding! Swift like a llama! Into the night we deftly galumphed in our costumery. Indeed.

The output of candy SUCKED! I'm practically done with my entire bag! GRRR! We got to the houses kinda late, so... yeah. But I did gets me some SKITTLEZ! TASTE MY RAINBOW, BITCH!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAAAA!!! @_@ Jeebus... this Cymbalta stuff is makin' me go loco. Anywho, so then we got back to Haru's house, I had some dizzy fainting spells, & then I went home & took a really long shower to get all of that dye out.


So how was your halloween?
Where the **** am I anyways?:
Oooh... I am SO lost right now...
How do I feel?:
My musical selection for today:
Just the sound of molars being pulled out!
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7 Things that scare you...
1. Whatever is behind me...
2. My parents
3. The thought that I'll never be noticed in this world
4. The thought of Jhonen never loving me...
5. Having no friends to turn to
6. Being just like everybody else
7. How I'm sick all the time

7 Things you like the most... (randomly)
1. Jhonen Vasquez
2. My friends
3. Writing
4. Video games
5. Fire
6. Drawing
7. Sitting outside on a nice day

7 Important things in your room...
1. My pictures of Jhonen
2. My lucky plushie of Brian (from Family Guy)
3. My CD player
4. My bed (that's where I do most of my thinking)
5. JTHM: Director's Cut
6. My cat, Footsie!! (He's in there most of the time)
7. My books

7 Random facts about you...
1. I'm bisexual
2. I'm a black belt in tae-kwon-do & a red belt in Judo
3. I'm absolutely head-over-heels madly in love with Jhonen Vasquez
4. I'm stoned on phonics
5. I'm working on getting published by SLG (Slave Labor Graphics)
6. I LOVE YUMMY FOOD! Oooh I love it... even the ones that are bad for me...
7. I carry two pictures of Jhonen Vasquez with me at all times.

7 Things you plan to do before you die...
1. Marry Jhonen Vasquez
2. Create some comics that will be published by SLG
4. Have a lovely oriental/victorian style house
5. Help my friend Harumi give her boyfriend a makeover
6. Figure out what's wrong with me after all...
7. Get an eyebrow piercing, a lip piercing, a nose piercing, & nipple piercings

7 Things you say the most...
2. Mufufu
3. OMG! (pronounced ohmg)
4. I rofl'd my pants
5. Nyuuu
7. YO!

7 Favorite drinks...
1. Mountain Dew
2. Chai Tea
3. Mountain Dew: Code Red
4. Cherry Coke
5. Coke Zero
6. Bailey's Irish Creme (In very small amounts)
7. Milkshake (damn right it's betta than y'allz)

7 Memorable kiddy shows you used to watch as a kid...
1. Pee Wee's Playhouse
2. Sesame Street
3. Lambchop (YAY!)
4. Bugs Bunny
5. Narrated Fairy-Tales (forgot just what they're called...)
6. Bill Nye The Science Guy
7. Thomas the Tank Engine (Narrated by RINGO! RINGO!!!)

What is wrong with me? I keep on doing these profiley things... o_o MEEP!
* * *

Okay, so, got a few things worked out. I'm not as depressed anymore, and even though my parents are still treating me like shit, at least my mommy promised she wouldn't hurt me anymore!

On to more important stuff...

Super psyched today because there's an ANIME CLUB MEETING! yay... My buddeeee Angela created an Anime Club in school, along with myself, & we're completely psyched! Psyched! I love that word!

Hmm... let's see here... what else... oh, yeah...

Yesterday we had a pretty awesome dude, who happens to be a journalist! (he's the UN correspondent for CNN! If any of y'all recognize him, his name is Richard Roth.) come into History Class & he showed us some hilarious movies about him doing reporting & times he messed up and stuff. IT WAS SO COOL!

As you can tell, I'm feeling much better than I was a few days ago! Thank god for that!

Special thanks to lamia2 for being such a sweetie!

Oh, and I have to post this in my journal so maybe pikapika217 will add me! Anybody else who wants to read it, feel free!

^_^ I don't know why I'm so happy right now! BUT I LIKE IT ANYWAYS!!!

1. name: Hyacinth Black (that's my pen name... I'm a little paranoid about telling people my real name...)
2. birthday: April 29th 1991! Wooo!
3. state of residence: Connecticut! It's really cold...
4. what makes you happy: Hmmm... Jhonen Vasquez *drool*... yaoi, some anime, yummy f00dz, Jhonen Vasquez, Most things published by Slave Labor Graphics, making clothing, drawing, writings, Jhonen Vasquez, & my ghostie husband, Jimmy!
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last: Shut Me Up- Mindless Self Indulgence
6. Why/why do you want to read my lj?: Because you seem like a nice person ^_^ and I like nice people!
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it: Hmmm... I dunno. I haven't read it yet...
8. an interesting fact about you: I'm bisexual & I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a red belt in Judo, and I'm quite talented at archery (but those are the only sports I CAN do... running = not possible for moi)
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment: YES! I AM IN LOVE WITH JHONEN VASQUEZ!! *swoon* And my ghostie husband, Jimmy
10. favourite place to be: At my bestestest buddies house, or in the graveyard next to her house! As far as places of notbeingathome-ness... The Jersey shore... so lovely... soooo lovely...
11. favourite lyric: 'I've got an F and a C and I've got a K too, but the only thing that's missin' is U!'
12. best time of the year: Spring! Sorta... I hate allergies... SUMMER!

1. a film: Moulin Rouge
2. a book: The Winter People (By Phyllis A Whitney. I'm making a graphic novel of it)
3. a band, a song and an album: TATU, Knights In White Satin (by: Moody Blues), I'm Not Dead (by: Pink)

1. one thing you like about me: you like a lot of the things I like! And you're super awesome because you don't pretend to be somebody else!
2. two things you like about yourself: Physical or non-physical? If it's physical, I really like my eyes and my figure... non-physical, I like my uniqueness & my sense of humor.
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you: will do!
4. POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF (optional): There's pictures of me on my deviantART page... I have a link to it on my journal...

and, finally, why should I add you?

That's easy, because I'm a dirty old man! Kidding! I'm not dirty, old, or a man. I just wanna meet some new people & make friends. You seem like a pretty cool guy so far, so I think it would be awesome if you added me.

Hmm... I kinda feel like filling out one of those little formy bio thingies...

I'm gonna go do that now!

BYE!! *waves*
Where the **** am I anyways?:
^_________^ Hmm?
How do I feel?:
My musical selection for today:
My CD player broke T_T...
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Okay, so admittedly nobody has read this journal other than myself... but if I'm lucky, maybe somebody will read this...

I'm posting to say that this may be the last you ever hear of me.

My mother began to beat me last night. She slapped me, hit me on the back, pulled at my hair, & tried to choke me. She says that she hates me and that I'm a bitch. The last I heard was that she is going to send me to some place far, far away.

Whoever reads this, you might not know me, or even care... but wish me luck. Please. I want to have a good life, I don't want to suffer anymore.

One of three things will happen. Either I take my own life, my mother sends me away, or something good happens and I can live with somebody new.

Good bye,

~Hyacinth Black

Where the **** am I anyways?:
I don't want to go home...
How do I feel?:
frightened for my life
My musical selection for today:
No more songs any more...
* * *
Ooooh boy! Just started work on this AWESOME idea I got for a comic that I'm gonna submit to SLG!

So excited I am, I am!

T_T And so much work to do... MEEEEH!!! BUSY BUSY!

I gotta do a cover page, five finished pages, some summaries, other such things. Phoo.

But it's all worth it if I get published in the end! Yesh ind33d it is.

And also... if Mindless Self Indulgence changed their name to Mindless Self Gratification, wouldn't that make their abbreviation MSG? Hmmm...


~Hyacinf Blarg
Where the **** am I anyways?:
In an air vent... WOW it is so cramped in here...
How do I feel?:
My musical selection for today:
Anything by Mindless Self Indulgence
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